A pioneering new web-based dashboard system

That collates data from existing sources

Non-technical users create their own personalised charts…
in a matter of minutes!

Live & Interactive

Live up to date information

Drill down charts for more detail

For use in the education sector and multiple device ready

Outstanding Support, Supporting You to Outstanding!

Users create charts


A non-technical user can create charts with a simple easy to user interface.

As you select the options, the chart or graph is instantly created on the screen. You can then save the graphs and charts you want to your own personalised page.

Live & Synchronised


Dashboard charts are live and kept up to date by synchronising with various existing data systems.

Data already built in


No time needed by the MIS team to fill the dashboard with data, it is delivered connected to eTrackr-ilp, LARS and ProAchieve allowing you to draw on an extensive set of data to display some very useful information.

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Features of eConsole


  • The module is delivered fully populated and fully functional, with access granted to all staff, adhering to the roles and permissions system within eTrackr-ilp
  • The charts, dials and graphs are dynamic and live – therefore as soon as another user updates eTrackr-ilp, their action will be reflected in the dashboard displays
  • In the future, the system will be developed to also allow access to students and parents
  • The system is fully configurable by the college, so that the college administrator can configure what is displayed and in which tabs
  • The system creates a comprehensive data hub for the SMT, with access granted to specific staff as desired
  • VLE Support provide a service to create the data feeds or assist the college with creating of the data feeds from other systems

Benefits of eConsole


  • Automatically integrates with existing data sources, including eTrackr, LARS and ProAchieve
  • It’s easy to set up your own personalised charts and graphs, without the involvement of the MIS department
  • You can set up web pages with key information and share the pages with other stakeholders, such as college governors
  • You can ‘drill down’ into charts and graphs to see more detail
  • Managers can see top-level college wide information and statistics
  • Managers can easily identify departments and courses which require additional support and make swift interventions
  • College performance can be easily evidenced and presented for inspection purposes
  • The system is made available to staff at all levels and personalised to suit their needs
  • All information is kept completely up-to-date as the system updates in real time

Our brand new Dashboard System

eConsole is a web-based dashboard system that collates existing data and presents it as information, in the form of charts, graphs and statistics. The data displayed is dynamic, interactive and live – providing you with a comprehensive overview of all the key college information at the touch of a button!

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